Three tips on how to use entertainment

Despite the schedule a truly successful party doesn’t really end at midnight. When your event exceeds expectations there are no pumpkins in sight – And it lives on in the memories of your guests forever.

Creating the right atmosphere will ensure that your guests have an immersive and lasting experience, so getting the music right is vital.

Whether it’s through magic, towering stilts or use of beguiling interactive characters, by inspiring and amusing your guests you’re providing them with a conversation starter; something to make them dust off their inhibitions and network like they’ve never networked before.

The legacy from a successful event is born out of a moment, when guests experience something unique and unanticipated.

To build excitement and energy, add a twist of the unexpected;- A soaring aerialist, suspended from a giant helium balloon, floating high above your guests, or the spectacle of an LED drumming ensemble, to quicken the pulse.