The Liver Cottage

Comedy Chef Show

The comedy chefs – Hugh Fearn and Lee Whittingstall – present a cookery demonstration like no other.

A Spoof cookery demonstration, The Cottage, a mobile kitchen garden moves through the crowds as they create, ‘fusion food on the move’, blending home grown ingredients with food foraged from the corner shop, the streets and of course, the audience.

Not only are they perfect in the summer and spring months but ideal for Christmas as well! The pair has dozens of top tips from the professionals for the perfect Christmas dinner and they would love to share them with you!

Each performance includes;

  • One hundred and two! ‘imaginative’ uses for leftovers
  • The recipe for the perfect sprout smoothie
  • As well as how to get the kids to do the washing up!

How the act works: The two performers move around with their booth encouraging interest until they stop with their newly found small to medium sized crowd (as appropriate for the space) then perform 5 to 10 minutes of cookery demonstrations preparing ridiculous and funny dishes before moving on and repeating.

For more information or to book...

020 7582 3048