The Kitts Band & Project

Ultimate Party band & Experience

The Kitts are the ultimate party band and have played the best parties in the world for over a decade. They perform from a 7 piece to a 28 piece, with tight horns, elegant strings, choreographed dancers & house DJ on tap to accompany their killer rhythm section and the world’s most prolific session singers.

The Kitts project takes it a step further featuring a house DJ, members of the Kitts band, and dancers performing together as one musical group. They have created this unique performance style, combining the musical and visual appeal of live vocals with the trademark filtering effects and punchy compression of a superbly produced house DJ set.

The production setup for The Kitts Project comprises incredibly specialised rare gear, and with the wonders of 2012 technology it’s all combined into a conveniently sized touring setup, meaning they can effortlessly hop between counties and countries as and when they’re invited.

Another clever bit is just how flexible the project is. It’s all run through a cutting edge multitrack system for people to choose their ideal live vs track balance: starting with DJ plus the 3 Kitts band singers, with the option of then adding live guitar & percussion; dancers; bass, keyboards, brass and even a string section.

The set list consists of party classics from the 70s right through to the more recent Beyonce & Rihanna megahits. The house element is fun & punchy, the song changes snappy & fun, the tempos always dancy to ensure everyone is rooted to the dancefloor. If you want to book the most innovative, cutting edge original act which combines the best elements of the classic party band and the punchy house DJ, the Kitts Project are that act.

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020 7582 3048