Marco Tempest

Technology Speaker & Illusionist

Marco Tempest’s performances combine an astonishing blend of illusion, and technology.  With an innovative use of computer-generated video, music, and stagecraft, Marco creates illusions that engage the senses and stir the imagination and allow the magical and futuristic to converge.

Marco uses his cutting-edge capabilities to align his performance to each client’s unique brand, product or event concept.  His work is constantly at the forefront of modernity, utilizing the newest, most advanced forms of technology.  Marco’s exploration of new media is consistently growing and evolving – his eyes remain on the future and his performances remain one step ahead of his audience.

Marco is based in the USA.

Inventing the Impossible.

The Keynote Experience

The magician makes the impossible possible. He tells us stories that hold us spellbound. He makes us believe in magic. It is the ultimate suspension of disbelief. In Inventing the Impossible Marc reveals the psychology technology and creativity that goes into creating magical experiences. It is an inspirational presentation about problem solving, creative thinking and engaging audiences whether from a platform or the Internet. He urges us, as artists, writers and creative, to push the boundaries. To share our discoveries and our talents. To collaborate with our peers. And use our individual resources to become part of something bigger. To think the impossible. And get it done.

Inventing the Impossible pushes audiences beyond personal barriers to achieve truly extraordinary results.

Excite your audience with a customised performance

Your options are as limitless as Marco’s creativity. Build brand identity. Conduct a virtual demonstration of a new product. Invite audience members into a digital-world of their own design. Whatever the theme, Marco ill translate your communication objectives into an astounding and unforgettable performance.

Each performance – perfectly styled for your corporate brand and event theme – can be of any length and can include astonishing executive reveals and extraordinary opening, closing and interstitial segments. Enhance your next meeting, whatever the size, with the magic of Marco Tempest.

Integrated Marketing

Multi-platform Viral Campaigns

Marco’s experience and abilities extend beyond live performance into video, web, television, print and other multi-media campaigns. Allow him to demonstrate how he can provide you with amazing and imaginative turn-key solutions integrating several forms of media into one electrifying campaign.

Marco’s internet videos have been featured on Jay Leno’s Tonight show, dozens of NBC, MSNBC stations across the country and in the New York Daily News. They were also included in HBO’s comedy award special with Marco creating a viral video magic piece just for the show. In addition, the United Nations commissioned Marco to create a special viral video to promote its Millennium Campaign against poverty.


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