Marcel Lucont

Flâneur, raconteur, bon-viveur

Marcel Lucont, flâneur, raconteur, bon-viveur, and easily the greatest UK-based French comedian around.

In Marcel’s cultivated opinion your life will be enriched by the experience of his show and general presence at your event.

Marcel has toured the world with his dry wit, bawdy chansons and exquisite sensual poetry. Curious? Get in touch to find out more.

New Zealand Comedy Festival (2014), Edinburgh Fringe (2014), UK Tour (2014), Cape Town Fringe (2014)

“A lyrical master with expert delivery… original and well-developed jokes…
Marcel is a clever comedian, his jokes sharp and witty and the whole concept of his performance is rather genius”

Caroline Cook, Reading Post, Reading Fringe Festival

“A winning formula for comedy, executed to comedic perfection… Marcel Lucont is genius through and through”
Joanna Orland, Loose Lips, Edinburgh Fringe

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