Jazz Mino

Vibrant Singer

Vibrant and original, Jazz Mino is a pop artist, singer songwriter and busker with a unique style and unmatched talent. Based in London, she has been delighting audiences with her impeccable voice, catchy song-writing and charismatic charm.

Open-hearted and bursting with energy, Jazz Mino is an easy to love singer-songwriter with magnetic vocals and rainbow powered melodies. Following on from her breakout single, Crush, which hit in Number 5 in the UK Club Charts, Jazz Mino has just released her new single, Together In Electric Dreams with Humble Angel Records.

Born in Manchester, raised in Somerset & now living in London; the half-Iranian pop sensation is no stranger to diverse outlooks on life. Grasping the perfect combination of being open-minded enough to listen to everybody’s voice, but strong-minded enough to know who she is and what she believes in, Jazz Mino is making a stand for a more open, honest, caring society.

Since captivating the London music scene with her debut single “Blue Eyes”, Jazz Mino has released her Debut EP, “Out Of My Depth” and second single “Superwoman”. Recorded at Fossil Studios with UK No. 1 chart topping producer Raz Olsher, the success of “Superwoman” has seen Jazz Mino feature on BBC Radio Bristol, Record of the Day and invited to play at “Innocent Unplugged” festival.

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