Helen Dewdney

Consumer Expert, Speaker & Journalist

Helen Dewdney – also known as The Complaining Cow (self-titled) is a trusted consumer champion,  journalist, keynote speaker, best-selling author, consultant, presenter and blogger.

She empowers consumers to gain the redress to which they are entitled. As the “go to” consumer expert to talk about how to complain effectively, consumer rights and topical consumer issues, she regularly appears in the media to advise on how to complain effectively, taking up cases and give opinion and information about topical consumer issues and consumer rights.

Helen has worked with many companies such as Tesco and Lloyds Banking Group.

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Improve your customer service and increase your sales

Are you a Complaints Handling or Customer Service Director or responsible for senior management and suffering from complaining customers?

Are you a small business wanting to ensure that your customer service is excellent throughout your business because you realise how crucial it is to getting loyal customers?

Want to increase sales through superfans doing the work for you?

Do you have customers who:

Make your job difficult because you don’t know what they are complaining about? don’t know what they want?
Shout and rant at you and your staff and complain about your processes and want to escalate issues?
Complain about issues that are difficult for you to address?
Have concerns about how you may be serving vulnerable customers and the risks associated with this?
Addressing customer issues and increase sales

Crucially, would you like to improve all this and more to provide better service and gain and retain customers?

Would you like to turn past, present and future fans into superfans who rave about your stuff? Read on!

If so, it is time you stopped doing what you’ve always done and heard the voices of your customers. Be open to being challenged through your whole complaints process, starting before you even receive the complaint. It is time to be innovative and get ahead of the competition!

Why should you hire Helen?

She is a best-selling author and is regularly in the media covering consumer issues. With over 35 years of experience in complaints, she knows why people complain and what their pain points and frustrations are. Helen understands what people want from the customer service journey and how to improve it dramatically.

Helen is a practised, dynamic, inventive and resourceful leader of change. She has run numerous projects and programmes, striving for continuous improvement in her own work and in service delivery and regularly identifying and developing opportunities.

One of her particular strengths is that she is not hung up on sales speak, the way you have always done it, based on what you think customers want and how they work or what analysts think. She tells you straight what customers want.

Helen has worked with many companies such as Tesco and Lloyds Banking Group. She looks forward to working with you too.

Helen’s talk at The Law in 60 Seconds Public Legal Education Conference was truly brilliant. A clear expert in her field – she was passionate and engaging and turned what could have been a dull topic into something interactive, funny, thought provoking and genuinely valuable. Helen lives what she teaches and as such it makes it easy to trust the valuable insights she provides. It can be daunting to stand up to large organisations who have acted inappropriately, but Helen gives you the tools to do just this in a calm and effective way. Attendees of her talk no doubt will have left feeling much more confident as a result of her advice. I can categorically say that I have! Christian Weaver – Barrister and Author

Helen is an insightful, engaging and passionate speaker and writer on the topic of consumer rights. She never shies away from holding large organisations to account over their customer service complaint handling malpractices, and she provides straightforward and clear advice for those organisations that want to change and are willing to listen. Chris Ward – Editor of MyCustomer.com

Helen has been an expert on my shows for about 5 years. Very few “experts” connect with the audience like her. Sometimes it feels like they are being talked to by a robot who doesn’t live in the real world. Not with Helen, she brings her own challenges and things even she needs to do and the audience understand. I honestly believe on a show like mine it makes people listen. I know I certainly do. Eddie Nestor MBE

I recently heard Helen present which included a lot of improvisation. She wowed her audience, included everybody and was fantastically entertaining and engaging. Highly recommend you book Helen for your speaking gig. Rachel Chiverton – Credit Controller

Entertaining, engaging, and an all-round Good Egg! Helen is unique in presenting complicated matters, with authority, knowledge and humour. If you are looking for guidance in turning your clients and customers into raving fans, speak to Helen, she will take you through the consumer journey and how to deal with complaints effectively and get the best results for YOU, your clients and company. Brilliant speaker and writer. I would highly recommend Helen for your conference, training or company event 5*****” Linda Reynolds – Personal Travel Agent

Helen did a great session for my membership of home cake and food business owners talking about how to deal with complaints and pre-empt them, as well as how to get customer feedback and raving reviews. It was in depth and covered so many ideas that the membership was chatting about it for the whole of the following week! The session was relaxed and Q&A led, meaning everyone could be heard and have their questions answered on the spot. Thank you again Helen. Sarah Thomas – Sugarcraft Tutor & Sugar Artist