Glitchy Geisha

Digital Dance

Experience the future through fluid, interpretative dance and interactive technology all of which is working directly off of the human body. The Glitchy Geisha creates unique digital experiences which dissolve the boundaries between fantasy and reality.

A dark and digital dance, be mesmerized by the Glitchy Geisha.

This particular piece represents the transformation of a mysterious geisha into a demon through the use of body projection mapping, spectacular character design and powerful electronic music.

About the Glitchy Geisha team

A London based creative studio which was founded in 2012, the group work at the intersection of the human body, performance and interactive technology, creating unique digital experiences that dissolve the boundaries between fantasy and reality.

Their artistic practice explores concepts of human consciousness and perception, making those transcendental ideas accessible to a modern audience, to inspire re connection with the magical thinking.

They’ve also provided their skills and vision to commercial clients, where they translate their concepts and ideas into more approachable experiences that connect with a wider public audience.

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