Customer Service and Marketing Expert

Like you, Geoff Ramm, the creator and author of ‘Celebrity Service’ and ‘OMG Marketing’, knows the only way you can attract more customers is to create jaw-dropping marketing. Not only that but great customer service leads to lucrative, repeat business.

So how do you create highly successful marketing ideas? And how can you design a customer experience that has you talked about for decades to come?

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BE ENTERTAINED…. Laugh out loud at the greatest cabin crew member of all time. Get a lump in your throat at the sight of a sesame seed bun. Discover simple and cost effective ideas that will have the world talking about your business.

BECOME ENGAGED… Kick off your event with a bang. Close with an explosion of creative ideas.

LEAVE INSPIRED… Make massive changes tomorrow. Become the brand of choice in the eyes of your customers.

How do you know it works? Results.

OMG Marketing: A business to business Valentine Card achieved a record 70% response rate by the Bauer Media Group after implementing OMG Marketing. Indian giants TATA won two Direct Marketing Association awards following a two-day OMG masterclass. Tiger Brands, South Africa introduced a dozen new ideas after his keynote and masterclass. Just one of these ideas increased sales by over 53%

Celebrity Service: EC English Language Schools created the ‘Orange Carpet Experience’ which transformed their world-wide service offering to pupils and had them nominated for a UK Customer Experience Award 2016.

Inspire your team. Engage your attendees. Excite your customers.

“The Definite Highlight Of The Day” DIXONS CARPHONE

“Simply Outstanding” FINNAIR

“Funny, Engaging & Relevant” SPECSAVERS

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