Christopher Howell

Innovate with Creativity – Magician and Speaker

Christopher Howell delivers inspirational talks using magic to show ways we can innovate our thinking. This creative thinking can transform our jobs, companies and personal lives. Christopher entertainingly shows that these skills are something everyone can learn. In his fun and practical sessions he teaches how to escape comfort zone behaviour and boldly step into fresh creative terrain.

He is a member of the Magic Circle and holds a diploma in life coaching as well as a BA in Studio Arts and Theatre Arts. He has performed around the world including at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the Wintergarten in Berlin and in London’s West End.

Likewise, his talks have taken him internationally to present to audiences across diverse fields and specializations. Past clients include talks given for Google, KPMG, Linklaters, Danone, Nestle, Meritum, Sky, BBC, Taylor Wessing, Volkswagen, GFK, PPME, Thailand Tourist Board, and many more.


The World Economic Forum has named creativity one of the three most important skills for this decade. When speaking about this, Christopher shows audiences how to think more creatively ‘like magicians’. Built on his diverse creative background, he has developed interactive talks that make use of a variety of fun techniques to drive points home with your audience. By the end, everyone has had a ‘light bulb moment’ and gained essential skills.

A talk on innovation and creativity makes a strong compliment to following conference themes:

– Leadership

– Management

– Motivation and Inspiration

– Business Growth

– Organisational Skills

– Peak Performance

– Change

– Personal Development

– Resilience

– Strategy

“Christopher’s unique approach to unpacking and landing key principles in a way that is engaging, magical and entertaining, elevated our event to “the best event of the year”.


Industry Manager Auto UK, Google

“Christopher was a blast of fresh air, delivering a powerful and thought-provoking workshop which not only challenged us to think in new and innovative ways, but also gave us plenty of tips and techniques to help us apply the lessons to our business and personal lives.

All this, while keeping the group entranced and thoroughly entertained. One of the most effective, original and enjoyable sessions I have ever experienced.”


Director of Strategy, Linklaters LLP

“Thank you so much for your excellent and very inspiring workshop.  You delivered everything we hoped for and more.  With such a diverse group as ours, it is often hard to please everyone but what you did was spot on – a perfect balance of entertainment, drama (how apt for us!), education and inspiration.”


Head of Legal and Business Affairs,

BBC Drama, Films & Acquisitions

“As a magician we can imagine that Christopher is able to bring wonder and joy to a multitude of audiences, however he took that joy even further by being able to weave in a narrative of inspiration and motivation, and creativity for us. As a corporate demography these are traits that we often demand but don’t really allow ourselves to explore. Opening our eyes to this was literally magic.”


Chairman, PPMA

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