Interactive Balloon Modelers

A collective of highly talented, interactive and fabulously dressed performers, these balloon modelers are taking balloon art to the next level!

Creating unique, one off creations they can tailor make designs for any event. A Balloonatic works just as well at a black tie event as they do at a laid back workshop.

What makes Balloonatic truly unique from our average balloon artist? Rather than only standing, twisting balloons they also sing, dance, tell jokes and interact with your audience! They are the ultimate creators of experiences both for the person receiving the balloon and those watching. Not only are they an experiential act but they also try to never make the same balloon twice!

Balloon artists work as great icebreakers and get audiences talking and laughing, from a simple corsage to a giant scuba diving outfit, Balloonatic know just the right balloon for you.

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Matt Spencer, 3mil Ltd

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