Anne Lise Kjaer

Futurist, Author & Speaker

Anne Lise Kjaer has a long track record of helping leadership and innovation teams understand and navigate the future.

As founder of trend management consultancy Kjaer Global, she advises leading brands, including Accenture, BBVA, BMW, DELL, EY, Herman Miller, IKEA, M&S, Nokia, O2, P&G, PwC, Sony, Unilever, Virgin Media, Toyota and McKinsey.

Her speaking topics include:

  • Empowerment: empowering a brand and generation
  • Technology Trends 2020+
  • Big Data: Connecting to People
  • Sustainability and preparing for the future
  • Innovation of the mind and business
  • The future of money
  • Creating meaning in times of change and turbulence
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