Anna the Hulagun

Cult Hula Hoop Artiste

London’s cult hula hoop artiste, Anna the Hulagun is a mesmerizing fire and LED hoop performer. Raw, Feisty, sensual and jaw dropping, Anna is unlike any other hooper.

Anna’s unique style and dazzling costumes leave audiences with a blazing trail of delight and desire wherever she spins.

Either a-light with fire or without each of Anna’s sets are a guaranteed spinning success. Anna’s unique performance is available either as a stage show, walkabout, and cabaret or as part of hula hooping group, The Starship Hoopers.

Stage Shows

Anna’s stage shows are available in various formats. “The Phoenix” is a solo show as is “Mirror Mirror” the latter of which can also be performed without fire. Whilst Paradise Found is the most customisable of the three shows, it can be performed either as a solo or double act or with singer, Babsical Babs.


With her wild and wonderful costumes, Anna makes a spectacular addition to your party with her LED hoop and dancing feet! Perfect to get the party started or keep your guests buzzing, Anna offers a range of different costume options, ideal for a wide range of themes and briefs.


Anna also performs a cabaret with singer, Babsicle Babs, a singer with years of experience performing across the globe.  Together, the pair perform, Paradise Found alongside Bab’s version of Ring of Fire!”

Starship Hooper’s

If one phenomenal Hooper is not enough how about adding a second or third? Starship Hooper’s is ideal for a hooping act that goes a lot further!

She also offers Workshops – get in-touch for more information.

For more information or to book...

020 7582 3048